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Cash Most Types of Checks

Delivers Cash to Customers

SAM will help your business succeed.


1 of every 4 people driving past your store has a check to cash.

That spells missed opportunity for your store. With A SAM Kiosk in your store, you have the opportunity to reach these individuals by offering No Risk Check Cashing. 

SAM will drive them in and once inside, they'll have cash-in-hand to purchase your store's goods.  Studies demonstrate 27.3% of those cashing checks in a store remain to buy products. 

There is no associated employee cost as the Kiosk is automated and self--serve. Customers can cash checks on their own in as little as 60 seconds.  

As a standalone Kiosk in the front of your store, your service counter is free to serve purchasers of goods.  And, consumer transactions are confidential - no one hears what's being transacted, a much-appreciated consumer value. 

Build Your Customer Base
Earn Recurring Revenue

To start cashing checks in your store, follow these simple steps:

Purchase or Lease a SAM

With multiple financing options, it easy to own a SAM Kiosk. 

Place SAM Into Service

You need 5 sq ft, a 110V outlet, and high-speed Internet.

Launch the Kiosk

SAM's console is simple and intuitive. A few keystrokes and it's up and running. 

Let the Magic Begin

Well, maybe not magic; but when the customers start coming in, it will feel like it. 

SAM is short for
Simple Automated Money. 

We shipped the first SAM Kiosk in 2014 and today we have Kiosks in nearly every U.S. state.  Big cities, mid-sized cities, even small country villages and townships.  Wherever there are individuals without access to bank services, SAM provides fast, secure, and confidential access to cash.  

Bad Checks? 

Forget about them!

SAM Kiosks eliminate the need for employees and eliminate your risk from fraud or bad checks.  You never need to worry human errors or bad checks costing you money.  

We guarantee every check cashed,
you never lose money

SAM simplifies tasks such as accounting, cash management, and flags BSA violations saving you time searching through transactions

Here's why when it comes to check cashing,

SAM is today's Game Changer

Remember Blockbuster?

At their peak, Blockbuster operated 9,000 stores. Today, only one remains.

What Happened?

Automation. Automated Red Box Kiosks began to appear and now
operate in more than 34,000 locations. 

SAM Kiosks 

The Redboxes of the check-cashing world.

SAM Kiosks are currently deployed in:

and many fine independent grocery stores and convenience stores throughout the U.S.

Safe, Secure, Connected 

Your customers accounts will always be safe and secure with our bank-grade security and encryption systems.

All SAM Kiosks are connected to our central server.  Once registered, a consumer can use any Kiosk in any of your stores to help build brand and customer loyalty. 

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